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About Me...!

Hi There~!!

Demisexual | 18 | Taken

Hi! You can call me Flamey, Lore, or Emi, any of these work for me! I'm a Communication Design Pre-Major at UNT, and a traditional and craft artist. Some of my besties on here are Animichii, Muramani, RoaringFox and FreckledAndSpeckled, just to name a couple.

.:Unnamed Page Doll:. by FlamesVoices


PhotoShop User Stamp by ClefairyKidFlash stamp by mushirMS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishyPaint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedSherlock by 1stClassStampsSherlock DW Crossover Stamp by Nero749Sherlocked by darkestmelodyHolmes and Dr. Watson by clio-mokonaRose and the 9th Doctor by Maleficent849th by clio-mokonaDoctor Who Stamp by MalcassairoDoctor Who Stamp by OatzyI :heart: the Doctor by redshadow-onlineDavesprite Stamp by pandaleckoDaveJohn stamp by OwlThePinkone hell of a butler by xDragonair:The Avengers Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Steve and Tony Stamp by TwilightProwler302 - Sableye by PokeStampsDexPokemon Stamp by Magegirl-NinoIf Pokemon Were Real Stamp by MorRokkoNight Fury by odihemay6Tim Burton Stamp by XUsagi-ChanLing Dance - Stamp by I-Forget-To-ForgetFullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Parker-StarkE-T: know origin of food stamp by dazza1008True to Your Sexuality Stamp by CrimsonNightWindRequest - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic

Fandom Things

Hello dA!!!! I apologize for my absence, but I have good reason for it, I promise! <3
Wednesday, I had a gun pointed at me (and a few other significant buddies!) by a SWAT team member and police officer while they searched the high school I was visiting for an armed gunman!

Ok, that actually sounds a lot more dramatic than I meant, but I was trying to summarize it all to make it seem... Less panicky?
But in reality, it was really scary!!! If you wanna know the real detailed story, take a look:
My significant otter had recently been dealing with problems in high school (he's 3 months younger than I am. UvU') due to some personal choices that others didn't appreciate. He was kinda being harassed, so I decided my intervention was in order! People like me enough to respect me to a certain degree, so I decided it was important to use that~!!
The high school also got a lot bigger due to a recent renovation, so I guess some of the intercom systems weren't working very well, and at about 11:20-ish, there was a report that someone in the main building had a gun, and they told everyone to go into lockdown through this system. (Lockdown is basically where you lock the doors to the classroom, turn out the lights and hide.)
Because we were in a much tinier building (ROTC building) a little further away from the main school, we didn't get any notification until about 20-30 minutes later, when they moved into the roll call phase of the lockdown.
Our instructors decided to finally take action, and we were hiding out for almost 3 hours. Luckily, we had a completely separate building to inhabit, with 2 classrooms, bathrooms, refrigerators, handcuffs and trained military personnel, even if they were a little rusty. Funny enough, we heard some kids in the main building had to pee in beakers n stuff because they couldn't leave their classrooms, so we were super lucky!
Finally, about 2 hours in, a police officer and SWAT team member enter the building to check us and see if any of us were the shooter (Nope!). They had a handgun out n ready, and the first thing they did was tell us to put our hands in the air. It was super scary, because even though they put it down, we were all aware that it was still working.
After they left, I actually collapsed and hid under a desk trying to deal with the fact that this was real, serious and seriously terrifying, and even more so because we couldn't really get news with bad signal and restricted wifi. My boyfriend had to coax me back from under there, and I wouldn't have pulled through as well as I did without him.
We waited another hour, hearing rumors of snipers and screaming and arrests and evacuations and helicopters and Assistant Principals with guns (which turned out to be true!) before the announcement came onto the intercom, allowing us to leave the building.
Everyone only had 1 hour of school left because of this, and it turned out to be a false alarm, but seriously.
I have some bad anxiety that acts up randomly, but especially in these situations, as so many of my friends did.
Some of them were crying or shaking or couldn't talk throughout the whole thing while others joked around n stuff... It was terrifying!
But...! I hope everyone is doing okay this holiday season, and I kinda figured that I should be grateful that nothing went wrong, because I have heard stories where others were not so lucky.

Hey all!! <333 I've opened up an Advent Calendar Event, so go take a look! <333 (Discount Codes will be hidden on some deviations dedicated to the advent calendar! <3) 

3 deviants said Sweet, I'll go get one now! (Yay, ilu wintery person! ;7;/)
2 deviants said Yay! I'll go get the discount codes! (*High five!*)
1 deviant said No thanks. ( ;w;/ Oki... <3)

To-Do List

Commissions, Goals, and other Things-To-Do

If I've forgotten anything, please don't be afraid to (gently!) remind me by commenting somewhere here on my profile. Thanks!!!
:bulletred: Means that I've yet to start it!
:bulletyellow: Means started, but incomplete!
:bulletgreen: Completed and ready for upload!
:bulletblue: Awaiting Payment

Owed work:
:bulletred:RoaringFox's Neku Upgrades
:bulletred:Art Trade with Tabby-Fox
:bulletyellow:Mudzi's Busts (2x)!
:bulletred:Full-Body Character drawing of Necro-Lycan's

Work Owed:
:bulletred:One Plush commission from Ivory-Bolt

To do
:bulletyellow:MYO Sugar Drake from quickmill
:bulletred:MYO Stanic from Ayinai
:bulletred:Color in Alpha Dream Nibbler from PrePAWSterous

Character Hub

Character Hub

.:A Baby Calais:. by FlamesVoicesCaptain by Tabby-FoxI am Winter by quickmillG -.- FlamesVoices -.- by RoaringFoxAnd Then There Was an Icon... by Tabby-Fox
CastorxGrawlix Icons by Voscian


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